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Perlukah pendidikan sex mulai dini?

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Why Need Sex Education?

Children and adolescents are vulnerable to misinformation about sex. If you do not get proper sex education, they will be consumed myths about sex that is not true. Information on sex should be obtained directly from parents who have special attention to their children.
The survey results National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) shows that more than 60 percent of teens in Indonesia have premarital sex. The figures are quite alarming in the country upholding the moral values regarding sex. Why they could make pre-marital sex? The reason for the lack of sex education to children and adolescents. When did sex education can begin to do?

When to Start Sex Education?

When did sex education can begin to be given to children? Some parents often answering questions with short answers sex: "Wait you're great!". Actually the best time to give sex education is early! Sex education begins even since the child was a toddler.

If you delay giving sex education when your child enters adolescence, then it was too late. Because in an era where information is easily obtained from the Internet and peers, the teen-aged children when they have to know more about sex and most probably from the wrong perspective.

How Sex Education Provided?

How best to provide sex education to your children? Here are some stages of life and how to provide sex education in accordance with the level of your child's age.

Toddlers (1-5 years)

At this age, you can begin to instill sex education. The way is easy, that is by starting to introduce to your baby sex organs of his brief. No need to give a detailed explanation because the attention span of children is usually short.

For example, when bathing your child, you can tell the various organs of the child's body, such as hair, head, hands, feet, stomach, and do not forget the penis and vagina or vulva. Then explain differences in genitalia of the opposite sex, for example, if your child has a younger brother of the opposite sex.
In addition, tandaskan also that the genitals should not be exhibited in vain, and also explain if there is a touch without known parents, the child must shout out loud and reports to parents. Thus, your children can be protected against the rampant cases of sexual violence and sexual abuse of children.

Age 3-10 years

At this age, children usually begin to actively ask about sex. For example, children will ask where it originated. Or general questions such as how the origin of the baby. The answers are simple and straightforward is usually effective.

Example # 1: "Babies come from?" You can answer the mother's abdomen. Or you can show me a mother who is pregnant and showing the location of the baby in the mother's abdomen.

Example # 2: "How's the baby out of the tummy?" You can answer the baby out of vagina or vulva hole to get out of the mother's abdomen.

Example # 3: "Why can there be a baby in the stomach?" You can answer that baby in the mother's abdomen because there are seeds given by the father to the mother. The trick is father to enter the seed using a penis and the vagina of the mother. It's called sexual intercourse, and it should only be done by men and women who have married.

Towards Age Youth

As the child grows, start time for you to explain about menstruation, wet dreams, and also the physical changes that happen to a teenager. You could explain that little girl will experience changes in breast shape, or explain the existence grow feathers around her genitals.

Age Youth

At this time, a teen will be sexually experienced many changes. You need more intensive instill good moral values to him. Give a description of the loss of free sex like a disease that is transmitted and the emotional consequences.

According to research, sex education early will avoid pregnancy outside of marriage when the children grow into adolescence and later adulthood. No need to be taboo to talk about sex in the family. Because your child needs to get the right information from their parents, not from other people about sex.
Because a great curiosity, if the child is not provided sex education, then they will seek answers from others, and would be more frightening if sex information obtained from peers or the Internet that their information could be wrong. Therefore, protect your children from an early age by equipping them with education about sex the right way.

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